There are a growing number of learning networks, online communities, educational resources, and openly shared learning & development (L&D) created for and by higher education professionals This Open Higher Ed Learning & Development (HELD) digital library was created to aggregate and catalog the wealth of resources and artifacts that best inform my teaching, research, and and practice. The Open HELD library is designed to showcase and display open educational resources (OER), specifically resources that provide professional L&D for peers and colleges working in the postsecondary education (staff, faculty, and graduate students). This digital library is a work "in-progress" as I will continue to edit, update, and add to the collections.

This digital library shares teaching, learning, and research items that have been designated as an OER object with an open license (e.g. Creative Commons, Public Domain, etc.) and/or with permission given by the creator(s).  As you browse the libraries digital collections, you will find open L&D items to enhance your instruction, help with student support/advising, and improve your scholarly work with teaching, research, and service. I hope the Open HELD library is helpful professional development repository for you, and I encourage you to share this library with your postsecondary peers and colleagues.

If you have an open L&D teaching, learning, research, or service resource to share with higher education professionals please let me know. It would be great to share and showcase your resources/items. The Open HELD library collections currently include: books, journals, reports, podcasts, Twitter chats, drawings, pictures, videos, webcasts, team/personal blogs, and websites. I welcome links to URLs, uploads of files/documents, images, and more. Also, I welcome expanding this to share relevant whitepapers, course syllabi, presentation slide decks, program/teaching handouts, and more. These collections can be augmented, expanded, or added to.  Please submit your contribution to the Open HELD library here:

OER is sharing

OER is sharing is a Flickr image/drawing shared in the Public Domain by Giulia Forsythe