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Open HELD Websites


Websites with resources for higher education teaching, learning, and service with an open license for the entire site. These websites offer…

openHELD Visuals


This collection includes images, photos, drawings, doodles, infographics, and other visual objects related to open higher education learning &…

openHELD Books


This is a collection of open access books, textbooks, and edited collections that contain information about teaching, instructional design, research,…

Contributors: Multiple contributors as either authors or editors for these open books.

openHELD Reports & Repositories


Reports and repositories on open learning and development: teaching, learning, research, and practice in higher education. These might include…

Contributors: Various contributors, authors, researchers, and publishers of open higher education reports about teaching, learning, and research.

openHELD Videos & Webcasts


Archived video conferences, webcasts, webinars, and online meetings captured by video. Also, videos created to explain open higher education learning…

Contributors: Various authors, contributors, and creators. Different hosts, moderators, and organizers of videos, webcast, and webinar content.

openHELD Twitter chats


Archived Twitter chat conversations from common open higher education conversations on Twitter that involve teaching, learning, research, and practice…

Contributors: Various contributors, educators, practitioners, professionals, and scholars who contribute to a Twitter chat related to these topics in higher education.

openHELD Journals


Open access journals that publish scholarly works around teaching and learning.

Contributors: Authors, researchers, and contributors who study online, distance, and open education. This might be around teaching, learning, and scholarship connected to technology and digital learning environments.

openHELD Podcasts


This collection contains podcasts in higher education for professional learning and development, specifically the podcast should: have content is…

Contributors: Various podcast creators, hosts, and guests.

openHELD Blogs


Bloggers in this collection often write, reflection, review, and offer information for teaching, learning, and research in higher education. The blog…

Contributors: Various authors, writers, and contributors to individual and/or group blogs.