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Welcome to the Future Trends Forum, an ongoing, participatory, and open video conversation about the future of higher education.

Each week a different guest – an inspiring expert, visionary, practitioner, or researcher – converses about their area…

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An Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)  Open Licensing.mp4
The National Forum Open Licensing Toolkit outlines the National Forum’s commitment to open licensing, which enables the creation and sharing of open educational resources. The toolkit provides a detailed description of Creative Commons (CC) licenses,…

The purpose of Virtually Connecting is to enliven virtual participation in academic conferences, widening access to a fuller conference experience for those who cannot be physically present at conferences. We are a community of volunteers and it is…

Recent years have seen an increasing realization that research should make meaningful and positive contributions to society. In this short video I explore why we should be sharing our research broadly, explain some reasons why academics don't…
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